Who are we

The Padel Association, trading as British Padel is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of Padel.  It has been formed as a members association to govern the sport of Padel throughout the United Kingdom. The development of this revolutionary racquet sport is the main objective and due to the sports aspects it strives to become the most social racquet sport yet.

British Padel is already the recognised acting governing body supported by it’s affiliated members of players, coaches, clubs and approved by the International Padel Federation (FIP). It has implemented regulation and minimal standards for court installations, coaching methods, and overall guidance for players, coaches, and clubs. It is currently seeking full recognition from the UK Recognition, a joint policy comprised of the five Sports Councils (Sport England, Sport Scotland, UK Sport, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland).

British Padel came to life back in 1992 when it presented a team for the 1st World Padel Championships, hosted by the FIP in Madrid. The British team placed fourth, following closely behind Argentina, Spain, and France. Throughout the years padel developments in the UK were minimual due to the sport mainly being developed in Spain. Years later in 2011, an investment by the UK’s nationwide leading operator David Lloyd Leisure was made to build six padel courts at two existing facilities. This investment encouraged other private groups to invest in new padel facilities (some setup as dedicated padel clubs) and by 2012 there were over 20 padel courts throughout the UK. British Padel boast an active partnership with the nationwide leisure operater, David Lloyd Leisure, and hope to develop the sport even further within their infrastructure – In 2013 this included the development of the British Padel Tour.

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