The PCQ (Padel Coaching Qualification) is an official coaching qualification for anyone looking to practice on court Padel tuition throughout the UK.

The PCQ course provides the safety and training, practice and good standards necessary for the on-court tuition of padel in the UK. Each qualification level guarantees a minimum standard of play and coaching ability.

The coaching qualification can be combined with a UK insurance liability cover provided by one of our partnered brokers, protecting coaches and clubs for any accidental and injury caused during the delivery of their padel coaching.


Prior to registration, learners are required to:

  • Become a member of British Padel
  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age (on the first day of the coaching course).
  • Have a minimum playing ability (approved by a level 2 qualified coach).
  • Have confirmation of attendance on a current/ HSE recognized Emergency First Aid Course (or equivalent)*
  • Have confirmation of receipt of a positive DBS check (previously CRB).*

*Recommended criteria for UK coaching position


LEVEL 1 is the first certification and is measured by playing ability, knowledge of the game, and coaching standard. The course provides an introduction and understanding to the game of padel, its key differences compared to other racquet sports, court dimensions, and shot selection.


LEVEL 2 is a fully licensed qualification. It provides greater teaching techniques; it demonstrates how to utilize and understand the full dimensions of the padel court. A complete sample of coaching material allows the coach to develop their coaching foundations, design and implement drills, expand their shot selection and begin to master the Padel way.

This teaching qualification is essential for a coach to be fully prepared to deliver a successful padel coaching program.


LEVEL 3 is an advanced license and requires a minimum experience equivalent to that of 300 hours of coaching competition players.

Playing ability is measured and execution of more advanced training drills must be shown.

A technical case study must also be completed for qualification.


LEVEL 1 (certificate)

LOCATION: Chelsea Harbour Club

DATE: March 10th & 11th (1pm – 7pm)

COST: £250.00


If you have a foreign qualification you may be entitled to apply for a conversion certificate. This will enable you to skip the Level 1 certificate and attend a Level 2 course.

British Padel recognises various qualifications from other countries with equivalency based on a comparison between course competencies and the number of training hours. Note. Candidates must be able to dominate the English language, not only for teaching purposes, but for health & safety procedures.

For further information simply email your paperwork through to

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