Padel and English in London Unites Teens

A group of Bushey Meads School students tried their hand at padel last week at Bushey Grove Leisure Centre with Spanish coach Jacobo Arenaza. Arenaza is temporarily in London, along with a group of 25 participants for a short summer stay organised by Top Talk English Travel. According to their Bushey Meads sports teacher, Ashley Cartledge, the teens loved the sport and can’t wait to play again. Perhaps this is the kind of initiative padel needs to increase its popularity in Britain to levels seen in Spain.

Bushey Meads School supported the project from its onset, since it was a fantastic opportunity for their students to progress in their Spanish studies. It was equally popular with Spanish parents, who were keen on their children practicing English along with their favourite sport – padel. The Spanish participants attend classes daily, both in Spanish and in English, accompanied by a “buddy” from the school. There they help with Spanish conversation and also participate in English classes. After a meal at the school, they go to the leisure centre.

The host families are essential; practising English with the students and even showing students around the city of London on weekends. ‘The kids are delighted with the warm welcome they’ve received at Bushey Meads School and from the host families,’ explains Jacobo Arenaza. ‘I am so pleased to be a part of this project, which really promotes this sport and from an early age so that it can be enjoyed by all’.

Top Talk English Travel is a Spanish-American company specialising in English language immersion trips for teens in the UK, Ireland and the US. The company is offering British teens the opportunity to travel to Spain, improve their Spanish and even play padel!