Padel is set to become the go to sport here in the UK by 2020!

Padel courts are now appearing all over Europe and it’s happening at lightening speed.  Exponential growth in both court numbers and overall participation for countries such as Sweden, Belgium, and most recently Holland where 50 padel courts have suddenly become 200+ in what seems to have occurred over night…


Spanish padel brands are eagerly awaiting such growth outside of a saturated Spain and look to these new territories as a huge opportunity to increase their market share and success in an industry that is quickly becoming very competitive. How they adapt their sales strategies to different markets will determine which brands succeed and which will begin to fade away as the sport becomes more visible on a global scale.


The sport of padel is presenting not only significant growth potential for established brands, but it’s creating new opportunities for tennis and squash clubs, leisure facilities, players, coaches, and entrepreneurs. From padel clubs, court construction, coaching, events and promotion, the opportunities in this fast growing dynamic and social sport are endless.


British Padel has been measuring the sport’s participation for the last few years and predicts the sport is on the cusp of a breakthrough… With our 55 courts spread all over the UK, we now enthusiastically await our over-night boom!


The sport of padel however isn’t yet a recognised sport here in the UK. This can create drastic problems to our growth and developments as many new projects are delayed or even held back due to planning and regulations. No financial assistance is yet available that all other sports heavily rely on. Therefore please support our application for padel to become an officially recognised sport by 2020. 



Our very own Team GB captain John Lech introduces Martin Stew of ITV News to the game of padel.

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You can help padel become an officially recognised sport here in the UK by supporting our #Padel2020 campaign. We need to achieve our goal of 500 members by 2020 in order to meet part of the minimum criteria outlined in our pre-application with the UK Sporting Councils.

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