A Tipping Point

“a point in time when a group –or a large number of group members –rapidly and dramatically changes its behaviourby widely adopting a previously rare practice”

Our sport continues to rapidly approach this in the UK, as the information in this year’s Annual Report shows you.

It has been an absolute delight to witness the drive of sporting clubs who are adding or creating facilities for play all across the country.

When I look sideways at the European and world developments there are multiple examples of Padel tipping points having been recently reached and passed, as all the energy of the passionate few conglomerates into one large dynamic force, which – just like a snowball rolling down a hill  – just gets exponentially larger with each revolution it makes.

We are aiming for 2020 as our recognition target and member numbers remain a vital element of the process. Currently we are about a third of the way there. 

Now that there is a highly tangible benefit of player insurance -valid in the UK and Europe – I hope you will encourage joining up at your club so that we can smash down the doors of the sporting councils to facilitate funding for the private sector and opportunity within the public one.

Well played everyone!

Peter Vann

President of British Padel