The following companies have been classified as ‘TECHNICALLY APPROVED” following a vetting process conducted by British Padel. These companies have UK teams in place with the necessary expertise and minimum standards criteria abiding to UK construction policies.

The listings appear in no particular order.

We’ll guide you through the process from conception to first hit, and beyond. Our specialised service includes site survey, court design, technical drawings, construction, maintenance, support and a five year warranty.

Get in touch, we’re happy to discuss your requirements.

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The Padel Court Company have considerable experience in both leisure and construction, are based in Winchester and operate in partnership with established padel court suppliers in Europe.

They run their own Padel club and use their court to showcase the structure to those interested in building courts. Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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We are a British padel court supplier.  If you are looking to develop a padel tennis facility in the UK, can offer the complete package, including the design, construction and installation of padel courts. Our services are also available in Europe and the rest of the World.

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